Sh@y's Proverbs

-To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else, is the GREATEST accomplishment... Ralph Waldo Emmerson

-If at first you don't succeed, try not to act surprised...

-Things turn out best for the people who make the best of the way things turn out!

-You can't fix stupid! Period.

-Sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together!

-Attitude is a small thing, but makes a BIG difference!

-Our eyes are placed in front because it is more important to look ahead than to look back.

-Don't play games with a girl who can play BETTER:)

-The average woman would rather have beauty than brains, because the average man can see better than he can think

-The BEST thing about chasing your dreams is... You can have as many as you want, and they can change anytime. Life is ALWAYS going to be full of surprises! In order to WIN the race, you've got to actually be IN the race!

-Our inside jokes, too many to name. When we're apart, it's never the same. When we're together it's nothing but fun. Replacing my girls, just can't be done.

-If she is amazing, she wont be easy. If she is easy, she wont be amazing. If she is worth it, you wont give up. If you give up, you are not worth it!! Period.


Saturday, November 27, 2010

...Attitude of Gratitude...

So thanksgiving 2010 has come and gone and the Christmas season is fast approaching! I think that I need to sit back and take a look at EVERYTHING that I am thankful for. Because I feel that usually I take the most important things in my life for granted 90% of the time!! This idea came from Jules dad! Quick catch up... for thanksgiving I had not one but TWO thanksgiving dinners! I had a serious case of turkey hangover yesterday! Well after my families thanksgiving we went to Jules house for more food and her dad had us all go around and say 3 things we were thankful for! This got me thinking of the many, many things that I am thankful for!! So here I go...

I am so grateful for my family! I am so blessed to be a part of this family!! They have supported me in everything that I have done. I can honestly say that I am the person I am today because of them! They are simply AMAZING!!!

I am grateful for the many friends I have made in my life! For the ones who stayed and the ones who still keep in contact!! They have all made a big impact on my life in some way and I am so grateful for them and their examples!!

I freakin LOVE my siblings!! They are the best ever!! Both of them are my biggest hero's because they are both so different and neither are afraid to be who they are!! My sister is like thee coolest rocker chick I know and she can play and she's beautiful. My brother is a stud, he does his own thing and he could kick my butt now but he won't cause he's a what we call a gentle giant! I LOVE YOU BRO and SIS!!

My parents!! Words cannot express how much they mean to me!! They have done so... much for me that there is no way I can ever repay them!! They've done their jobs right! I'm awesome hahaha just kidding! But really they are always there for me, they always know what to do or say to help me, and they always let me know what's what!! I'm honestly who I am because of them and I LOVE THEM and I am so blessed to have them as parents!!

I am grateful for good roommates!! I am so glad that I got to know Kristin, because she has been a HUGE influence in my life!! I love these girls and am so grateful for the opportunity to live with these 2 wonderful girls!

I am so grateful for this girl right here!! She is the best friend I could ever ask for!! She is ALWAYS there for me!! She not only says it but she proves it!! Right now at this time in my life, I need her, and she's like awesome at keeping my already self-confident attitude high, she makes me more cocky in a way haha! She's crazy, I love her because she's crazy and ever since we've met she's made me feel like the greatest friend in the world! She's a great example to me and she's always ALWAYS there!! She is thee BEST:)

I am sooooooooooooo............ grateful for these ladies!! Without them I could NOT do my calling!! They do everything, they help with everything, they say everything, and they are hands down thee most amazing ladies I have ever met and I could not ask for a better presidency!!

I am so so so grateful for my health and for sports and my ability to play sports!! I love basketball and I love that I have 2 arms, and 2 legs that allow me to have fun and play these sports!

I am grateful for a beautiful fall day! The kind of day that makes you sit back and say "life is good" I am happy, my life is simply busy, but good, and I have wonderful people around me that make everyday that much better!!

I'm grateful for my job and the fact that I have a monetary income in this economy!!

I'm grateful for my car! I LOVE MY CAR!!

I'm grateful for technology that allows me to communicate with those who are most important to me and allows me to stay in contact with everyone!

I am so very grateful to be a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints! I am grateful for the knowledge that I have! I am so thankful for the tender mercies of the Lord that make me smile even on the hardest of days!! I know that by having the gospel in my life and the spirit of the lord I'll be able to get through all things:)