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Thursday, October 7, 2010

G. CON!!!!!

SOOoo... this last weekend was the semi-annual General Conference for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints!! To the left you can see that I actually went to this epic event! There you see me with some friends in the conference center!! One word... AMAZING!!! I have never- EVER been to G. Con live or in person... I have seen it many, muy, mucho times from the comfy couch in my house! Which don't get me wrong G. CON. is still just as amazing from the couch!! (in fact it's comfier cause you're in your pj's)

Let me just tell you about that adventurous weekend. It starts out with a month or so before my friend Chantel Olsen the pretty blonde in pink called and was all... "Hey you haven't been to conference before right?! Would you like to go, I have tickets?!" Of course I said yes (I may be blonde, but I ain't dumb) haha! SO for a whole month I was counting down the days and weeks until I could go up north to conference!! Well that day finally came and we all loaded up the CR-V and drove northward! I must say I just love being up in the 801... it's fun, it's hoppin, it's exciting, it's big, it's busy, and it's close to some really good friends!! I had a BLAST that weekend!! I found that the 7/11 in Provo is a happening place on a Friday night! I learned that when you take an old Crown Vic and run her without the engine being on causes her to act up and not start or reverse! :) I became well aware of the fact that it's cooler up there!! Jumping/getting thrusted out of a moving vehicle is DANGEROUS, but funny once my knees healed. Salt Lake is huge and fun/scary to drive in. I definitely found that the 35 some odd acres that the church owns in the center of Salt Lake is by far thee most beautiful place I have ever seen. I am amazed at the progress the church has made in the past 100 some odd years. I ALSO CANNOT BELIEVE the pathetic protesters that don't have a life and find the time to just waste away their lives in front of the conference center. I laughed as we walked by one guy as we were leaving and he said... "the Book of Mormon God is a racist God!" I was like really dude?! Just open your eyes and look around at the mass of people walking around... you have Polynesians, Africans, Latinos, middle easterners, Europeans, Australians, Antaricans, Canadians and everything in between who just walked out of Our CHURCH's (the ones who believe in this Book of Mormon God) conference... and... It was so moving to see that we were all different and diverse and beautiful AND all members of the same faith!! PLEASE GET a LIFE sir!! I also learned that the conference center is MASSIVE!! It is absolutely huge!! Ginormous!! It was sooo... much fun! I had a blast and enjoyed every second of that weekend!! Thank you Chantel for inviting me! I know you could have invited a number of other people, but I am grateful I was one of those people! Thanks Kristin, Brittany and Pierie for being there with me for my "first time". I haven't been to Temple Square either until this weekend!! I know shocker, I mean that's crazy every one's been to temple square!! "You don't deserve the right to call yourself Mormon!!" Heck yes I can!! I've been to Temple Square now!! Booyah!! And thanks to Zant for coming even though he was late, and almost lost his seat! He definitely made up for it!! All in all a..... GREAT/HYSTERICAL/MOVING/EPIC/ADVENTUROUS/BEAUTIFUL/GRANDIOSE weekend!!

Pics from the Trip for your viewing plessure:)
Adaiza's wedding reception

Big Chair in Beaver ^

Halloween store in the University mall


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  1. How fun!! But I do beg to differ with you on one fact. Weren't you there at my wedding?? If you were, then you were in fact at temple square. But then again, I might be remembering wrong.

    And please tell me you went to the top of the Joseph Smith Memorial building.:) The view from there is just spectacularly breathtaking.:) I'm glad you got to experience conference live. It is really neat! I want to go again sometime.

    Oh, and who is that cute boy you were sitting next to?? You didn't mention him.:)
    Love you! And miss you, because I don't see you much anymore. I guess I better come to Red Lobster sometime. Then I'd get to see you.:)

    Aunt Paulette